Essential Facts About Escorts

Are you considering to hire an escort or to join the escort profession? As a client, you get the liberty of choosing the location you would like to meet your escort. Be it in a park, hotel, or home; you can schedule an appointment and have your lifetime experience.

My Experience as an Escort

Ten years ago, I moved to London. Being optimistic, I had high hopes of finding a job in the city. To make ends meet, I started working odd jobs. However, I found myself in debt and missing payments.

At one point, I was in terrible shape, and no one would come to my rescue. I met Claudia, a professional London escort at a bar. Our chemistry was solid, and in no time, we were having an excellent time together. Several drinks later, I told her about my money problems. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet the next day.

Lying on my couch, contemplating and cursing my situation, my phone rings. It was Claudia. After exchanging pleasantries, we agreed to meet at her place to discuss an opportunity. Having nothing to lose, I picked a fancy dress and some nice shoes to go and satisfy my curiosity.

Claudia welcomed me to her cozy apartment. “what can you do for money?” she asked. Seeing her good life, I answered, “Anything.” I learned that she was an escort, and she offered to assist if I was okay with the idea. I agreed to give it a try.

After introducing me to her agency, I took off quickly, owing to my willingness to learn. In two years, I had moved to a bigger, better apartment. Plus, I had enough money to buy my first car.

Challenges of Being an Escort

Similar to any other job, escorts also face numerous challenges in their profession. Physical abuse is one of the common problems encountered by escorts. Throughout my practice, I have witnessed ladies beaten by clients. When meeting a customer for the first time, it is impossible knowing what to expect. Cruel clients tend to think their actions are justified by the money spent.

Other unbecoming experiences include rape or stabbing. As such, escort is a dangerous job as any and demands sacrifice.

Nonetheless, most clients are understanding and will spoil you with exquisite treatment. I remember a client flew my friend on a private jet and me to a luxurious hotel overseas. This incidence was by far my most favorite part of the job.

Another demerit of the job is the stigma attached to it. While my parents are pleased to be receiving a cheque every month, I have to lie about my means of getting bread. I know colleagues who own kids, but even their children are oblivious to their mommy’s work line.

Why Escorts Services are Prominent

Many clients are opting for escort services in recent times. With an escort, you get a variety of models to choose from. Also, escorts are professionals. You get what you see. Winning a girl’s heart takes a lot of planning and strategy, and it is no sure bet that you will hit.

Married men also opt for escorts because there are particular fetishes that they cannot find from their wives. With an escort, you can explore your kink with no limits. These reasons make the profession flourish with new clients booking daily, whereas happy clients keep coming back for more.

It has been almost a year since I met Claudia. She told me she is considering retiring and starting up her own business. If you feel this profession, it would be best to research what is expected of you and how you can stand out. It would help if you had a great wardrobe since you may not access high-class escorting gigs unless you clean up nice.